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Private Drinking Water (Wells)

Get your water tested every year.

It is very important that private wells are inspected and water tested once a year (and more frequently under certain conditions) to ensure the water is safe to drink. Presence of contaminants in one well does not necessarily mean contaminants are present in neighboring wells. Groundwater quality can be affected by many factors including well depth and water source (aquifer). Data presented for the selected geography serve as an indicator of possible contaminants that may be present in nearby wells.

Learn how to test your water

The private drinking water data below are based on tests conducted at the Delaware Public Health Laboratory. Testing only includes basic, minimal requirements to evaluate drinking water quality. The contaminants for testing were chosen to provide the most cost-effective method for private well owners to have the information necessary to take feasible corrective actions that could address drinking water quality. The amount of tests are insufficient in numbers to make conclusions about the entire state. A large quantity of similar and additional tests are also conducted at independent laboratories.

The entire picture of water quality cannot be determined solely from reviewing the data below. The best way to determine if your private well water meets the basic, minimal standards for drinking is to have it tested.

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Health-Related Contaminants

E. coli

2018 - 1,584 wells tested
% tested positive


2015 - 577 wells tested
MCL 2.0 mg/l
less than 1.3mg/l
between 1.3mg/l and 2.0mg/l
over 2.0mg/l

Total Coliforms

2015 - 577 wells tested
% tested positive

Aesthetic-only Factors

The number of tests for this location are insufficient to make conclusions about aesthetic-only factors.

Detailed Contaminants Reports

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