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US Buildings in Flood Zones

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Delaware, County, City, Zip Code, Census Tract
Point locations of buildings in Delaware with inclusion in FEMA Special Flood Hazard Area map
Understanding the number of buildings in a given geography that fall in a flood zone can help predict the potential severity of the effects of climate change on a community.
Bing Maps Team. Computer Generated Building Footprints for the United States. 2018. Retrieved from https://github.com/microsoft/USBuildingFootprints and Federal Emergency Management Administration. Flood Map Service Center, 2022. Retrieved from: https://msc.fema.gov/portal/advanceSearch#searchresultsanchor
Overlaid FEMA Flood Map (polygon) Layer on Building Footprint (point) Layer, tallied counts by geographic inclusion
Each point in this dataset represents a building in Delaware, with a `in_floodzone` flag for whether the building is in a FEMA Special Flood Zone Hazard Area. Building footprints were computer-generated and derived from computer vision algorithms on satellite imagery.
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Name Indicator Type Latest Date With Data
Count of Buildings in Flood Zones Count 2021
Percent of Buildings in Flood Zones Crude Percentage 2021
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Federal Emergency Management Agency
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