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Suspected Delaware Drug Overdose Deaths

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Suspected drug overdose death counts are derived from two sources provided by the Delaware Division of Forensic Science (DFS): Death Investigation Alerts (DIAs) and late death inquiries. DFS Forensic Investigators generate DIAs at time of scene response of a suspected drug overdose death, and distribute them to DPH Analysts via email listserv. DIAs include initial Forensic Investigator impressions related to a suspected overdose death. Forensic Investigators also generate late death notifcations and distribute them via email listserv. Late death inquiries are disseminated when a suspected overdose decedent succumbs in a hospital. Each week, DPH Analysts collaborate with DFS leadership to ensure that the most accurate possible counts of DIAs and late death inquiries are reported.
Although data presented here is preliminary and subject to change as more information becomes available, the Suspected Drug Overdose Deaths Dataset is by far the most timely reflection of overdose mortality available in Delaware. It provides a signal to detect changing trends within a constantly evolving epidemic.
Delaware Department of Safety and Homeland Security, Division of Forensic Science, https://forensics.delaware.gov/about/index.shtml?dc=aboutUs
Counts are derived from each DIA and late death inquiry DPH Analysts receive. These sources are combined then summed into a weekly year to date, and monthly number.
Counts presented here are preliminary and subject to change as more information becomes available. They reflect a Forensic Investigator's first impression of a death event. Toxicological findings, autopsies, witness testimony, and continued investigation may all impact the ultimate cause of death determination.
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Suspected Drug Overdose Deaths (Year to Date) Count 04/05/2024
Suspected Drug Overdose Deaths Count April 2024
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Delaware Division of Forensic Science
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