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Selected Location: Delaware
| Population: 967,679

US Census American Community Survey, Decennial Census Data

Temporal resolution
Every 10 years ending in 0
Latest date with data
Expected update frequency
Every 10 years
Locations available for download
Country, Delaware, County, City, Zip Code, State Senate District, State House District, Census Tract, Neighborhood, Census Block Group
The U.S. census counts each resident of the country, where they live on April 1, every ten years ending in zero.
U.S. Census Bureau; Decennial Census, 2010 Census.
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Appears on

This dataset appears on the following pages:

Name Indicator Type Latest Date With Data
Diversity Index Index 2021
High School Graduation Rate Crude Percentage 2021
Median Age Count 2021
Median Household Income Range Index Index 2017
Median Household Income Count 2020
Population Density Count 2021
Population Total Count 2021
Population Total (Age: Under 18) Count 2021
Population Total (Age: Between 18 and 65) Count 2021
Population Total (Age: Over 65) Count 2021
Population Total (Ethnicity: Hispanic) Count 2021
Population Total (Ethnicity: Non-Hispanic) Count 2021
Population Total (Race: Asian) Count 2021
Population Total (Race: Black) Count 2021
Population Total (Race: Native American) Count 2021
Population Total (Race: Other Race) Count 2021
Population Total (Race: Pacific Islander) Count 2021
Population Total (Race: Two or More Races) Count 2021
Population Total (Race: White) Count 2021
Population (Age: Under 18) Crude Percentage 2021
Population (Age: Between 18 and 65) Crude Percentage 2021
Population (Age: Over 65) Crude Percentage 2021
Population (Ethnicity: Hispanic) Crude Percentage 2021
Population (Ethnicity: Non-Hispanic) Crude Percentage 2021
Population (Race: Asian) Crude Percentage 2021
Population (Race: Black) Crude Percentage 2021
Population (Race: Native American) Crude Percentage 2021
Population (Race: Other Race) Crude Percentage 2021
Population (Race: Pacific Islander) Crude Percentage 2021
Population (Race: Two or More Races) Crude Percentage 2021
Population (Race: White) Crude Percentage 2021
Poverty Rate Crude Percentage 2021
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Data Source
US Census
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