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Asthma Hospitalizations

The number and rate of hospitalizations with a primary diagnosis of asthma are reported for all ages. Rates can be viewed over time in plots and maps, and compared with correlated factors, such as air quality and age of housing.

Hospitalization or hospital discharge refers to any discharge from a non-federal, short-stay, acute-care hospital in Delaware. Hospitalizations are expressed as numbers of discharges, not as unduplicated patients; as a result, a single patient with multiple hospitalizations can be counted more than once. Delaware hospital discharge data are based on inpatient hospitalizations and do not include outpatient, clinic, or emergency room data.

Note: Patients who had Emergency Department visits and were admitted to the hospital are included in the Hospitalizations data.

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Asthma Hospitalizations in Newark

Asthma Hospitalizations

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Asthma Hospitalizations in Newark

Asthma Hospitalizations in Newark

Age-adjusted rate per 10,000 population

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Hospital Discharge Data

Citation: Delaware Health and Social Services. 2015-2022. Hospital Discharge Data.